1. Student Discounts & Student Free Stuff

Bag yourself a budget smartphone

Student Money Your Money
It might sound like a luxury, but most students will agree that a smartphone is actually one of the…

Student Railcard - 25% off. MUST HAVE Deal

Student Free Stuff Student Deals
If there is any discount we recommend above all other student discounts it's the 16-25 railcard.…

2. Put £10k In The Bank At University.

How To Save Money AND Eat Better

Student Money Your Money
Relying on ready meals, junk food & takeaways is an easy habit to fall into when you're feeding yourself for the first time, but you'll soon find yourself…

How To Cut Your Student Budget

Student Money Your Money
I’m guessing it’s a familiar story, but that doesn’t mean it’s a pleasant one; you finish your first year of university at the bottom of your overdraft, are…

3. Entrepreneurship. Change Your Life.

What Insurance Do You Need If You're Self-Employed?

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
At Wealthy Student we know some of our readers are budding entrepreneurs and if you're making some cash off your own back then good for you. There are many…

Top 5 business blogs - Entrepreneurship

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
Tim Ferris A blog of business all-sorts, but this lifestyle guru has some hugely insightful ideas about making your business serve the life you want to live,…

4. Get That £25k+ Graduate Job.

Choosing Your Degree Course- Engineering

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
Why Choose Engineering and What Can You Get Out of It? In the United Kingdom, there has been a severe lack of engineering graduates and those going into jobs…

Choosing your Degree Course - Physical Science

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
Why Choose Physical Sciences and What Can You Get Out of It? The physical sciences are widely accepted as being Chemistry, Physics or Maths and a degree in any…

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