1. Student Discounts & Student Free Stuff

Free Mobile Apps For Students

Student Free Stuff Student Deals
As a student you use your mobile a lot right? Texting friends to organise a night out, calling the…

Win a new Vacuum Cleaner from Vax

Fun Stuff Games
Cleaning your university flat can be an extremely stressful thing. How are you supposed to schedule…

2. Put £10k In The Bank At University.

Student Contents Insurance. What You Need To Know.

Student Money Your Money
Statistically, a student is more likely to be a victim of theft whilst living in university than when living at home. Protecting your possessions whilst in…

Save Money on Student Travel

Student Money Your Money
How to get the best from train and bus fares? Transport is becoming increasingly expensive with the cost of petrol still very high and the cost of cars and…

3. Entrepreneurship. Change Your Life.

One of our favourite entrepreneurs & investors - Julie Meyer

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
Julie Meyer Interview Julie is one of our favourite business people. She is currently an online dragon and is the Chief Executive of Ariadne Capital. In this…

New Paris Region Entrpreneurship Channel

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
Although London is one of the biggest cities for start up businesses, with the new Silicon Roundabout aiming to emulate the success of Silicon Valley in the…

4. Get That £25k+ Graduate Job.

Choosing Your Degree Course- Economics

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
Why Choose Economics and What Can You Get Out of It? Economics is one of the most popular degree courses that is chosen by students, despite it not being…

7 Steps to Networking Yourself to a Graduate Job

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
Networking isn’t specific to any profession, place or person, and it certainly isn’t just about finding a job. Networking is about expanding your…

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