1. Student Discounts & Student Free Stuff

Win a new Vacuum Cleaner from Vax

Fun Stuff Games
Cleaning your university flat can be an extremely stressful thing. How are you supposed to schedule…

Best Fitness Exercises to Get Fit for Free

Health Health
If all you have is a pair of trainers, a desire to get fit and severe dislike for having to spend…

2. Put £10k In The Bank At University.

Part I: Saving Money 2014

Student Money Your Money
Banking Credit Cards • If you have a credit card where the APR is high, transfer it to a lower APR credit card instead Money Management • Be realistic with…

Saving Money on your Car Insurance

Student Money Your Money
Student Days With an Old Banger When going to university many students choose to give up their cars or take them off the road in order to save money, as in…

3. Entrepreneurship. Change Your Life.

Sooqini - new app for students to make money

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
You've heard of eBay. You've heard of Gumtree. Now you've heard of Sooqini. On eBay you buy stuff, on Gumtree you sell stuff. On Sooqini you do both. The…

Start a Business. Rainbow Hart from The Splats

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
We caught up with Rainbow Hart from The Splats, a new range of waterproof footwear for kids. We asked her a few important questions... What made you start your…

4. Get That £25k+ Graduate Job.

Student Internships - The Must Read Guide

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
Being a Student Intern Can Help for the Future An Internship is probably one of the best ways to get a leg up into big industry and can even earn you a few…

CV Writing Service. Should You Use One?

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
A CV writing service. It's certainly worth considering. Recruiters don't look at CVs very long so yours better be good. Some people just get more interviews…

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