1. Student Discounts & Student Free Stuff

Ways to collect Sainsburys Nectar Points

Student Money Your Money
Like eating out in the evenings, enjoying your time and for a cheap price? How about like buying…

Best Fitness Exercises to Get Fit for Free

Health Health
If all you have is a pair of trainers, a desire to get fit and severe dislike for having to spend…

2. Put £10k In The Bank At University.

Grow Herbs and Greens & Save Cash

Student Money Your Money
Grow Some Herbs and Veg to Save Money on Food during summer With the cost of living and tuition fees, food is something that most students find themselves…

The Student Essentials

Student Money Your Money
Severn Items Every University Student Should Have Going to university often sees you staying away from home for the first time. This can be a daunting…

3. Entrepreneurship. Change Your Life.

Starting a Business at University

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
Starting a Business at University with SMARTA Starting a business at university seems like only the idea of the clinically insane and insanely clinical. Yes,…

5 Top Tips For Overachieving

Start a business Become an Entrepreneur
We believe there is a shift and a split happening with society. It can be thought of as the ‘underachievers’ vs ‘overachievers’. If you’re reading this you’re…

4. Get That £25k+ Graduate Job.

Graudate Jobs: Finding a Job When you Finish University

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
When you leave university, hopefully you will do so with a nice shiny new qualification under your belt. You now need to put that qualification into practice…

How an MBA can Increase your Earnings

Student Jobs Student Jobs Advice
If you’ve done your research on your MBA, chances are you’ll already have heard about the MBA ‘bump’. This is the unofficial but widely used term used to refer…

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