5 common health risks faced by students

Student IllnessOne of your friends lets out an innocent sniffle, later a quiet cough, maybe someone’s voice is a bit scratchy, and then before you know it, you’re stuck right in the middle of a flu epidemic, with no way out. Such are the perils of student life.

Being a young person on your own can be hard enough as it is, without the added burden of health risks. But not taking care of yourself properly can have serious consequences and affect your work and your social life. So rather than waste time, a regular check up with your GP is more than advisable.


Injuries of this sort are extremely common, especially if you’ve been horsing about the night before. Avoid panic, though, as most sprains can be cured at home within two days of the incident. An ice pack, a leg support and some rest is just the ticket for feeling better.

If a problem persists longer than usual, always consult your local GP. That way, if it is something more serious, treatment can start right away. If you have received an incorrect diagnosis and received unnecessary treatments, remember you could be eligible for Medical Compensation.

The Cough

The most common of all the regular ailments, it can strike at a moment’s notice and spread like wild fire. Let’s face it, a cough or sore throat is not going to be the end of the world, but it will take you out of action for a few days and could result in you getting behind on your work and your time at the pub.

A simple way to avoid it is to take in as many (non-alcoholic) fluids as you can, staying hydrated and healthy. However, if symptoms continue, it might be worth contacting your doctor and starting a course of antibiotics.


You’ve probably already seen information about this particular disease posted around your university. Meningitis can be dangerous so getting checked is really important. It is a bacterial infection that causes the brain to swell and can be potentially fatal.

There is a list of symptoms that you can look out for at home, so keep yourself informed and give yourself a check up. If you do find any of the symptoms, don’t waste time. Get yourself to the nearest doctors immediately and get help.


It may seem obvious, but the flu is a major cause of ill health for students. Yes, we’ve all had it and it doesn’t seem that important, but treating the flu effectively could mean the difference between a rough day and a whole week in bed. If you feel flu symptoms coming on, fluids and paracetamol are your best options. Get stocked up and start getting better.

The Stomach

Stomach aches, vomiting or diarrhoea can be common problems when you’re a student. A bad diet or an excess of alcohol can cause either. It can be embarrassing, so knowing how to treat it is important. Starving it, and indulging in some flat fizzy drinks can help settle your stomach. If you need something more, Imodium can be bought at any local pharmacy and works wonders. As always, though, if it sticks around, go straight to your doctor.


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