Best Android Apps for Online Security

Apps for Online SecurityMobile internet access is a technology that has become more and more popular amongst people from all walks of life. In years gone by, the majority of those getting online whilst on the move were business people armed with laptops and hunting around for Wifi hotspots. However, these days people of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds are surfing the web whilst mobile on one of a range of internet enabled devices.

This type of internet access offers many benefits such as convenience, ease, flexibility, and far more freedom. However, it is essential for users of mobile internet technology, or the parents of younger mobile internet users, to think about how best to enhance mobile internet safety when going online. One way in which you can help to increase security when using mobile internet services is by using appropriate apps that are available for Android devices.

Top mobile security apps for Android devices

There is a huge range of apps on the market these days for users of Android devices, many of which can help to increase security and safety when using mobile internet services. Some of the top security apps for mobile Android devices include:

  • Vodafone Guardian: The Vodafone Guardian app is both free and very simple to use. This highly rated app gives parents far more control when it comes to their child’s smartphone usage. Parents can select who calls their child as well as setting permitted calling times. It is also possible to control when children can receive SMS and restrict or block certain functions on the phone such as internet access, video and camera, Bluetooth, and the downloading/use of apps. The app also has a feature to alert you should your child uninstall the Guardian app.
  • Lookout Security & Antivirus: This is a free app that serves a number of valuable functions in terms of mobile internet security. This app is able to block malware and viruses, scans new apps automatically, and runs virus scans on a weekly or daily basis, which can protect against malicious Android apps. It is also able to track and locate a stolen or lost phone via a Google Map. You can pay a supplement and enjoy even more features, such as remote lock and data wiping in the event of theft or loss, privacy protection, and phishing protection.
  • Sophos Mobile Security: This is a free app which runs a scan on every app that is installed to ensure that there is no malware, which could potentially pose a security issue. You can also run app scans on demand with Sophos as well as filter apps based on their risk factor, which includes the risk of charges being incurred. Mobile devices can also be locked and located if lost or stolen.
  • Kid’s Place: This Android app is ideal for parents who want to increase online security and safety for this child. By using the parental controls to block access to inappropriate apps and content, parents can better ensure the safety and security of their kids whilst online, which is something that has become increasingly important given the rising number of kids who now own and use smartphones and other internet enabled devices.

There are many additional Android apps that can be installed to enable adults to protect their information and security and to enable parents to protect their children when using mobile internet devices.

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