Choosing Your Degree Course: English

As we all surly know, English is a global language. To understand, speak and write English is to place yourself in a position for more opportunities. To be in a country where English isn’t taught has become extremely rare. Therefore, to major in the English language is definitely a smart move. With so many other courses to major in, English could seem like something far too common and you may wonder why major in it at all. Continue to read here as we explore the benefits of choosing to major in English.

Your Work Experience

English is a great major, but it’s also a non-vocational course of study. Because of this, your work experiences while studying can reflect greatly on where you can pursue the best work opportunities. Volunteering in an area you are interested in utilizing your English skills will be more advantageous for you.

Work Opportunities

Studying English is beneficial because there are many fields where being able to communicate well in English can really take you far in your chosen career field. Some of the biggest areas people enter after majoring in English are:

  • Retail
  • Secretarial/Clerical
  • Marketing/PR and sales
  • Education/Teaching

Expected Salaries

Because of the variety of fields you may enter after studying English, your expected salary nearly has no limit. However, as a new graduate, the average salary is around £18,000 annually with up to £31,000 for someone who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. That being said, the salary you earn with a degree in English has potentially no limit. This is because you can branch out into just about any field of business where the art of communication is a primary focus.

Lastly, whatever you choose to major in, you should definitely love it. One thing that will carry you many years down the road is a love for whatever you have chosen to do with your life. Without a love for the English language or whatever major you choose, you could be wasting lots of time and money. Doing some research and even some soul-searching is a great thing to do to figure out whether majoring in English is something that you truly want to do. Finding out that it’s something you’re not going to fully commit to early on is the best way to save time and money from being wasted in the wrong area of expertise. Therefore, if you love learning about the English language and communication, you’re already on the right track.

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