Choosing your Degree Course – Business and Admin Studies (BAS)

Why Choose Business and Admin Studies and What Can You Get Out of It?

A BAS degree course will set you up perfectly for work in Business giving you vital skills that recruiters will be able to see at Interview.

A BAS degree course will give you a head start over those taking unrelated courses and then trying to get into Business and will therefore give you an advantage over those candidates at Interview. Most courses do not have any subject specific requirements to take the course, but like most University courses, a C grade in Maths and English GCSE is required.

All of these courses on offer are BA and will hence not require any deep scientific or mathematical knowledge. During your course, you will see how businesses work and what makes them function well and finally why businesses succeed and fail.

Where can Business and Admin Studies take you?

BAS can set you up to move straight into business whether that be in management or administration, either way, it is likely to be your job to aid in the successful running of the business and to ensure that it makes a profit at the end of the year.

There are a wide variety of career prospects following a degree in BAS such as becoming an Administration Manager, Recruitment Consultant, Tax Assistant, Trainee Investment Manager, Data Analyst, Mortgage Adviser, etc. Don’t just think that your job prospects end here, due to the skills you will acquire while on the course, you will become a versatile member of a team who can be trained to perform a variety of jobs after joining a company.

Recruitment Consultant

A recruitment consultant should liaise with those looking for jobs and clients who have vacancies available in an attempt to match a job seeker with a vacancy. They attract candidates using a variety of techniques and will then perform background checks and interview the candidates to assess their suitability for different jobs.

Trainee consultants start on a salary of around £18000 a year which will then rise to £38000 for senior consultants and £60000 for managers

Human Resources Officer

A HR officer will work to advise an organisation on how they can most effectively use the staff that they have within an organisation. They are there to match employees with type of work in an attempt to maximise the productive capacity of a business and intern maximise the output of both individuals and companies. Salaries start at approximately £25000 and will then increase to up to £100000 for senior HR managers in large companies.


There are such a wide variety of potential professions that you could enter into following a BAS degree, due to the transferable skills that these graduates have, so simply look what an employer is looking for and see if you have the skills to match their criteria.

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