Choosing your Degree Course – Computer Science

Why Choose Computer Science and What Can You Get Out of It?

Similarly to engineering, there is a severe lack of computer science graduates in the UK as we look to advance technologically; we see that we don’t have the computer programmers or experts to compete with IT giants, Japan.

This is why the Government has chosen to scrap general ICT with the intention of replacing it with intensive Computer Science and Programming lessons.

This has also led to entry requirements to computer science courses being far below many other disciplines and with salaries being very competitive and opportunities after you leave University, numerous.

Few courses require having done any sort of programming before but many like you to have maths, due to the formulae and understanding of coding that may be picked up in a mathematics course.

Nearly all computer science degrees are BSc due to the mathematical content and scientific content that is required to complete it.

Where can Computer Science take me?

Many employers are very interested in taking on Computer Science graduates due to their knowledge of I.T. systems and the other skills that they acquire during a computer sciences degree.

However, an employer is often wary that Computer Science graduates can lack communication and social skills to make them good team players, so be sure to demonstrate these at interview for a job or University. Common jobs that are held down by Computer Science graduates include Information Systems Managers or IT Consultants.

Other jobs that may be less popular following the degree are teaching and IT Sales Professionals.

Games Developers

While many children may dream of building their own video game, it is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. The idea is now just a very small part of a game and there are now a plethora of games developers working to make the inspiration a reality.

The video games industry is one of the fastest growing industries at the moment with the recent release of PS4 and Xbox One consoles, companies are looking out for the best new games developers on the market.

Salaries start at around £20000 and can rise to over £70000 if you work in a big organization and lead a team or are a senior developer.

Geographical Information Systems Officer (GIS)

The geographic information business is worth approximately £750 million in the United Kingdom. Those who work within GIS can expect to be helping to plan and deliver services such as defence, water and electricity, vital services to real people.

Typical salaries start at around £20000 and can rise to £35000+ with those in London being able to command the highest salaries.

Computer Science is an emerging industry with plenty of new jobs and undersubscribed courses being available every day.



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