Dressing Sexy As A Student

How you spend your student loan is extremely important! Getting down and dirty with your inner hobo doesn’t necessarily mean disregarding personal hygiene as a way to save money on your water bill and toiletries! Although these tough student times may call for increasingly desperate measures – we don’t want you to be known as ‘the one who always stinks’. No, it means finding cheaper ways to bulk up your wardrobe, accessories, DVDs and books without going broke.

Charity shops.

It might seem a bit obvious, but a great way to save the pennies is to buy second-hand goods. Being at uni doesn’t suddenly mean you have to deny yourself a new outfit or DVD, but it should make you a little more cautious when thinking of going on a shopping spree.

Charity shops (and for that matter car boot sales) are an excellent place to pick up some bargains. They might seem a bit tacky and grubby, but with a bit of skill and digging you can often find lots of hidden gems!

Here are a few ideas of what you can look for:


Now, I know some people might be a bit squeamish about buying second-hand clothes, but for those of you that don’t mind (and those that are willing to branch out) here are a few tips to make sure you find the items that are worth spending on.

–          Check for ‘bobbles’ – If you can see wear and tear on the cloth or fraying in the seams, don’t bother with that item. Your money is precious and there will be plenty of other bits and pieces in better condition, these will probably last twice as long!

–          Look at the labels inside – This is always handy as, not only can you make sure it’s the right size (these places are not always correctly labelled so it’s best to double-check), you can also get a gauge on how often the item’s been worn. If the label is frayed and faded, that’s a clear indication that it has been worn and washed often.

–          Try to find things that will compliment what you already have – There’s no use buying a top that doesn’t match anything you own, as you’ll just end up having to buy something else to wear it with – be savvy with your money! Pick things that go with what you’ve got – remember, you can always customise items once you’ve bought them.


Bags, hats, gloves, shoes – you name it, they’ve got it!

Not only great for wrapping up as the seasons change, but also for creating those cheaptastic outfits for theme nights out.


Charity shops are great places to go book shopping. Forget the big chain-stores, charity shops can offer some great books for only a few pence each. They might not have that new ‘must-have’ paperback you’ve been dying to read, but in the meantime there are plenty of others to choose from. Indulge your passion for reading whilst keeping those purse-strings tight!

DVDs, CDs and Games.

There’s nothing like a cheap night at home in front of the telly or playing games with your housemates. Charity shops stock wide ranges of DVDs, electronic games and board games – usually only for a few quid each.

So whether you prefer a good comedy, ‘Final Fantasy’ or good old ‘Operation’ – try going ‘halfsies’ with your mates, or buy an item each; add in some nibbles and hey presto, you have a fun filled evening!

The CD selection might be lacking, but it’s always worth riffling through them…you never know, you might find something new or rediscover an old favourite.

For a good cause…

So before you go trotting off to those high street stores, check in with your local charity shop and have a rummage – you might be surprised at what you find.

And hey, you’ll be supporting a good cause whilst you’re at it!



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