Festival Survival Essentials

As the rare and elusive British summer finally comes out of hiding, the festival season has truly begun. The weather forecasters have predicted a non-stop heat wave (well, we’ll see), so it’s time to grab your swimming trunks and wellies and set out in the direction of your favourite festival.

Of course, hardened festival-goers will have their own personalised checklist of things to take, honed and whittled down preciously after years of sun-grooving and mud-wallowing. As for the first-timers among you, here are a few extremely basic things you’ll need to take along to ensure your survival:

– Take a pair of wellies, but also take flip-flops. Hey – you just never know.

– If you own a smartphone, perhaps it’s worth getting a cheap replacement just for the festival.

– Emergency underwear is essential.

– Don’t forget to take a towel!

– Sunglasses – to protect your eyes, as well as everyone else from the scenes of destruction around your eyes, come day 3.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Take a look at our infographic below and you might find it triggering memories of things you forgot last time you headed off for a few days of unbroken revelry.

The Co-operative Group - Festival Season

The Co-operative Group – Festival Season [Infographic] by the team at The Co-operative Group

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