Must do Student Antics

Student Antics Not to Miss Out On!

The student experience is now not only about studying but also about enjoying your time at university, though you are paying up to £9000 a year so studying is important.

It’s the first year that you are away from your parents, so while learning important life skills it’s also important to have fun with your university friends. As a student, especially in your first year there are plenty of things that you can do to help alleviate boredom or just for some good fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started –

Drinking Games

Unfortunately for the Americans, the legal age of consumption of alcohol is 21, so enjoy the opportunity that they don’t have.

This is a great way to socialise and have fun with your friends. Everyone will get incredibly drunk so don’t worry about that and there are some great suggestions on the internet for rules of these sorts of games.

Doing your university/college’s initiation ceremony

Most universities or societies will have some sort of initiation ceremony that you will have to complete before being truly accepted into the university’s social groups.

If your college doesn’t have one, then why not! Be sure to make one to truly see what the new people are like and set a legacy that others will follow. But don’t be any under misconception that these are timid affairs; you’ll usually be in the nude or incredibly drunk or both.

Move things around rooms

In your first year you tend to stay in halls of residence as you won’t really know anyone there to share a flat with. Typical student antics involve taking things and hiding them, leaving ransom notes, locking other peoples things up with padlocks without telling them the code and freezing things that they own in a block of ice.

These will not cause any individual too much trouble but will be very funny to watch and take part of. Beware, if you are the instigator, vengeance can often be quick and clean.

RAG Weeks

These are ingenious ways for students to raise money for charity by doing something stupid, silly or ridiculous. These can include Jailbreaks, which is where you hitchhike from the University and back again without spending any money on transport. Other possibilities include Pub Crawls, Marathons, Sky Dives and World Record Attempts


As you can see, there are a plethora of antics that you can get up to as a Student that will both help and hinder other people. The only other advice I can give you is try it, see what it’s like, find something you enjoy and then stick at it. Good luck!

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