Top 5 Online Mistakes Which Will Stop You Getting a Job

Few of us can deny we’ve never done anything wrong, that inadvertently got put on the interwebs. There are quite a few things that could seriously damage your reputation online. Here are our top 5:

1. A sex tape.

Have you ever let someone video you ‘in the act’? Do you still know them? They could quite easily put it online and tag it with your name. Seriously, be careful who you let video you.

2. Drunken photos.

Employers may give some leeway for this but there are lines that can easily be crossed. For example, the student who urinated over a war memorial (right) is not going to be very employable.

3. Status updates.

Bad mouthing a previous employer on Twitter or Facebook status updates is not the wisest thing to do. In fact, bad mouthing anyone is not a very wise (or nice) thing to do!

4. Naked photos.

It’s simply not worth sending these photos to a boyfriend who might just put them online one day. You may have a great body but keep it to yourself or people you REALLY trust!

5. Extreme views.

Have a blog? Make sure your not offending too many people! Anything to do with religion, race, extreme politics is not going to help you get a job.


Here is what you should be doing…

You need to make sure you grab your name on these online profiles. If you have a common surname, then you’ll have to use your middle name as well. If that is gone, then get a little bit creative.


Facebook has now changed to the Facebook Timeline and you need to be careful of your online settings and some updates may be set to public. Facebook is cleverly trying to negate the fact of using Twitter by using this Timeline. Employers will search you on Facebook to see what you are showing to the public. Look through your timeline and be wary of what is out there.

Google Yourself

Go to Google right now and search your name. See what comes up. Search images, does your image come up? Is it inappropriate? If it is, see what domain it comes from and get it removed as soon as possible.


Employers will no doubt see if you have a Twitter account too. Make sure you are not abusing people or uploading silly photos. Use it to connect with people in your industry and a productive tool for social good.

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