Top 5 Budget European Student Holiday Destinations

With studies suspended for months on end, summer is a halcyon period for students – except for the fact it’s usually their leanest period, too: the maintenance loan is all but depleted, and that deposit on the fleapit flat never came back when the lease came up.

But if you can scrape together a few quid, either from a part-time pizza-delivery job or a loan from the parents, there are a few places where you can spend a bit of time away on the proverbial shoe string. Flights to Europe are relatively inexpensive compared to lengthy ones to distant continents. Here are five European Holiday destinations that won’t break the bank:


Shopping in Istanbul1. Turkey

From the vibrant city of Istanbul, to the bustling beaches of Antalya, Turkey offers a wide range of holiday activities to suit even the most discerning of pleasure-seekers. What’s more, your Euros will go further here than many other Eurozone countries.


If it’s a party you’re after, get a flight to Bodrum, which is just a short boat trip to the infamous island of Kos. Or if water sports are your thing, explore the Dalaman region on the southern coast.
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Sagrada Familia in Barcelona2. Spain

If there’s an upside to Spain’s current financial crisis it’s that things there are very cheap at the moment. And if you can get away before the school holidays, flights will be a great deal cheaper and you can avoid the crowds.

Why not plan your trip to coincide with a street party in Barcelona, or spend a week clubbing and sunbathing in Malaga?






Tenerife3. The Canary Islands

Closer to Africa than Europe, but still Spanish speaking, the Canary Islands offer a remarkably diverse range of experiences for such a small area of land.

It’s a great budget surf destination that doesn’t disappoint on swells and is equally great for a geological adventure given the amount of extinct volcanoes with steaming geysers. Either way, you’re sure to find something here to excite your instincts.




Cyprus4. Cyprus

For a quieter, more relaxing week away, it’s worth investigating what Cyprus has to offer.

Relax on the beach at Larnaca, or go sailing or snorkelling off shore. You can even take a camel ride to the ancient Phoenician temple there, which is a fun, fascinating and affordable day out.





Portugal5. Portugal

Like Spain, Portugal has seen some of the worst of the Euro-crisis, so make the most of the reduced prices there while you can.

Try Lisbon for a taste of vibrant European city life. It boasts a wealth of museums, galleries and parks, plus stunning architecture and a vibrant nightlife; much of this can be experienced on a modest amount, thanks to its wide range of budget hostels.

Alternatively, venture to Faro in the south of Portugal which has idyllic beaches, Roman architecture and a great nightlife thanks in no small part to the university there. If it’s too expensive to stay in town, there are great transport links with the outer areas of the city.



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