Have Graduate Jobs Recovered Finally?

Trying to figure out whether jobs for graduates have finally recovered can be a difficult thing to do. As always, trying to determine if something so heavily influenced by the government is actually improving can be a matter of perspective at times. At other times, it can seem to depend on whom you ask and what sources you choose to rely on. However, in the end, for most people it will usually come down to their personal experience in the job market itself.

There can be lots of information poured into the internet in terms of blogs and press releases telling you things have improved or things have begun to get even worse. How do you decide for yourself? Take some sources and what they have to say, and then jump into the job market for yourself to see which side is telling the truth. To give you an idea of how things can be so conflicting in opinion, we will discuss a couple of credible sources and what they have had to say regarding this issue.

According to the BBC News, they released a statement on July 7th 2014 claiming that graduate jobs have recovered to the peak that existed during the “pre-recession” period. They go on to discuss the number of jobs has risen 12% and is the biggest number for four years at that point. They also make mention that the graduate recruitment numbers by some of the leading employers is actually the highest it has been in seven years.

Now let’s take a view form a slightly different perspective.

The Sunday Times has also released their news statement. They acknowledge that the same 12% rise in number of jobs is true. However, they have noticed it can be still very hard for those students who are still studying to even get summer jobs. Now we know we are discussing graduate jobs here, but think about this. We all know that most employers are going to be looking for some type of relative job experience to be on your resume before they actually hire or consider hiring graduates. That being said, if you are one of the unfortunate students unable to get a summer job while in school, you may also have a very hard time entering the job market post-graduation as well. One other problem noted by this site is how there appears to be even more graduates now and they are over saturating the market by going after the same jobs.

This is why we said from the beginning the best way to find out for yourself is to dive into the job market. Getting into the job market for your chosen degree as soon as possible will be what allows you to be one of the new success stories. There were plenty of new graduates during and prior to the recession period that haven’t received the jobs they were aiming for. With the influx of new graduates each year on top of the previous graduates who may get back on the job hunt, the number of jobs may have increased, but the competition can be fiercer than it ever was as well. Good luck on your job search and let us know how things are happening for you as well.

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